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It is generally recommended that to make sure you are getting the cheapest gas and electricity you should compare your energy bills with all the suppliers regularly. This can be done via domestic energy price comparisons using energy price comparison sites.

So what are comparison websites? Effectively comparison websites are free and impartial services that evaluate energy suppliers by helping people find the cheapest gas and electricity supplier. Comparison sites do all the work, by finding all of the gas and electricity suppliers in your area and telling you which is the cheapest gas and electricity supplier. Everybody wants to know how to find cheaper gas and electricity prices but not everyone knows where to find the best or cheapest suppliers! It is estimated that millions of households in the UK have never switched, hence all these people are missing out on cheap gas and cheap electricity bills.

The cheapest gas and electricity supplier in your area can save you a lot of money and you can now benefit from those savings! When you make a big financial decision like buying a car or anything else of value you will usually compare all of the options and features before making a decision. You should apply the same method for gas and electricity quotes. By comparing the different gas and electricity companies you can see what they are offering and what the best quote is for you.

It is suggested that consumers should carry out a quick gas and electricity price comparison every 9 months or so to make sure that they are still on the most competitive tariff for themselves. How much you can actually save depends on the following factors:

* Where you live
* How much energy you use (gas and electricity)
* How you currently pay
* How you want to pay

We monitor the suppliers and tariffs on a continuous basis. In most cases we receive information before the tariff changes are actually made. All of the major energy suppliers in the UK have recently lowered their tariffs. For example, British Gas, Eon, Npower, Scottish and Southern Energy have all recently lowered their tariffs.

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Cheapest gas and electricity

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Cheapest Gas And Electricity

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This article was published on 2010/10/11