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So how does the PLX Kiwi help a driver improve their gas mileage by 20%? The basis behind the PLX Kiwi is rather simple. It is a device that simply changes the way the driver drives their car, rather than making any modifications or technological changes.

The Kiwi mainly tests the driver's ability to optimize smoothness of driving, drag, acceleration, and deceleration. When the driver sets out on a trip, his or her driving is monitored by a "kiwi score." The more effective the driving is in terms of saving gas, the higher the score is. With these 4 components monitored by the Kiwi's internal computer, the driver gets into the habit of driving following the Kiwi's style, thereby reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere while saving gas at the same time. It is no secret that accelerating or decelerating too quickly can cause a useless waste of gas. Driving too fast or over the speed limit, puts a reverse drag force on the car, effectively lowering the maximized amount of gas per gallon. The Kiwi has built in computerized systems with mathematical algorithms to calculate the most efficient way of driving to save the most gas on any car. By instilling these principles in the driver's mind, these driving skills slowly become the driver's habits.

Besides the main monitor, the PLX Kiwi has more than 20 lessons, each designed specifically to train the driver for a different purpose. With each lesson that passes, they become more difficult as they go. At the end of the trip, the Kiwi will tally up a number of conditions, including amount of gas saved total amount of gas used, total gallons spent on the trip, miles per gallon, and the total distance traveled.

Installing the Kiwi is easy, but you must have a car that's 1996 and newer. The Kiwi is a perfect fit for coupes, sedans, trucks, and even SUVs. All you have to do is plug it into the OBDII port located directly under your steering column, and you're ready to go! The PLX Kiwi can be mounted anywhere in the car, as it is small and compact like a GPS system.

So if there's an eco-friendly gadget that saves gas while requiring next to nothing to install, it's the PLX Kiwi.

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PLX Kiwi Saves Gas

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This article was published on 2010/03/28