Repairs for gas pedals fixed This Week, Toyota Said

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Toyota on Monday announced its customers that the company will fix the gas pedal problem which resulted in its recent recall in the next few days. The company said pedal problem will be fixed by a piece of steel about the size of a postal stamp.

The solution, according to Toyota, had been tested rigorously and would possibly fix the gas acceleration problem.

Some months ago, Toyota made its first recall to 4.2 million vehicles as gas pedals became stuck under floor mats, resulting in sudden speeding up. Such acceleration also led to crashes and even deaths.

On January 21, Toyota made a recall to its 2.3 million vehicles in the United States. The recall said that vehicle owners should fix their gas pedals with mechanical problems which made their cars stuck. Reason for the second recall was that gas pedal mechanism can cause some potential problems although the vehicle has a floor mat or not. Due to this problem, on January 26, Toyota Motor Corporation made an announcement to its 1,200 dealers in the United States to halt sales of the eight models in the recall list.

The corporation apologized to its customers for making them worried about the safety of their cars and said that it would try to make customers trust in them again.

To solve the gas pedal problem, cars will be installed with a steel shim a couple of millimeters thick in the pedal assembly, behind the top of the gas pedal. According to the corporation, such steel shim will help eliminate the excess friction between two pieces of the accelerator mechanism.

Toyota will send mails to car owners to set up appointments to fix gas pedals. Especially, cars already on the road would be fixed first.

Accordingly, 4.2 million cars in the first recall and 2.3 million cars in the second recall in the United States and worldwide would be notified with the repair announcement. Among which are the best-selling models Camry and Corolla.

Cost for the repair has not been estimated yet, however, the repair would take about 2 months. Parts of the repairs will arrive on late Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Toyota has done the right thing," the National Traffic Safety Administration said. According to an official of the agency, electrical problems may be the cause of gas acceleration. However, no evidence had been given out.

It is said that same solution would be applied for cars in Europe; nevertheless, starting time for repairs has not been confirmed.

The ever-prestigious automaker said that gas accelerator in most of its models will be installed with a failsafe system by the end of this year and next year. The company believed that gas acceleration was a mechanical problem as its vehicles were always tested carefully before being released out.

Eight models in the recall list will be put in production again on Feb.2, Toyota said.

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Repairs for gas pedals fixed This Week, Toyota Said

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This article was published on 2010/02/04